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HANARO Trading Company was incorporated as a sports equipment distribution company in 2006. As of 2015, our company is 8 years old company that focuses on importing, producing and distributing of grip tapes, sports socks and protect equipment. All employees work together as one to provide good quality sports equipment for your abundant leisure life. Bright and cheerful ambience of company is one of our credits. With strong challenge spirit, we handle the change of market with flexibility and enthusiasm. Henceforth, our company will make a partnership with other brands in many countries such as in Europe, North America, Asia, etc. to expend our business.

Company introductionhistory


HANARO Trading Company (Private) established
headquartered in Bundang-gu Sungnam-si Kyeonggi-do
Acquired KIMONY domestic license and started to distribute
Offline - started promotion on sports competition and magazine

- started to enter in sports equipment stores.


Established online Sales Corporation H&D CO.,Ltd.
Online - started to sell in open market
Offline - entered in 300 sports equipment stores.


Made production and offline Sale Corporation into HANARO Trading Company
Built Grip tape facilities and started to produce
Online - started to sell ''
Offline - entered in 500 sports equipment stores.


Relocated headquarters to its current location, Suji-gu Yongin-si, Kyeonggi-do
Produced OEM sports socks and started to distribute
Offline - entered in 600 sports equipment stores

- entered in discount store


Built protective equipment facilities and started to distribute
Online - started to sell on ''
Offline - entered in 800 sports equipment stores


Registered trademark of Spomall and Spocare
Launched company’s sports brand 'SPONY'
Built sports socks facilities and started to distribute
Oversea - started to export grip tape, sports socks, protective equipment
Offline - entered 1000 sports equipment store
Sold 4 million grip tape
Sold 1 million sports socks
Sold 100 thousand protective equipment


Register sports brand KIMONY, SPONY trademark
Sold 5 million grip tape
Sold 2 million Sports socks

Business vision

  • Always listen to customers and give the best satisfaction to them as well as provide the best service as a customer-oriented company by developing products that follow the trend.

  • Always actively handle changes and pursue the best quality through strict production management.

  • All employees are doing their work with enthusiasm, developing their ability with company in the creative ambience and through the fair and reasonable personnel system to help employees have a sense of achievement.

Organization chart

Organization chart
Organization chart

Social contribution


HANARO Trading Company put a lot of efforts in making a world to live together.

HANARO Trading Company has donated part of its profit to society since 2013 through around 70 disabled welfare organizations every year. We will be put more efforts to be a company that makes a warm society to live together.

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